1. Law of Soul

★ The human being is spiritual being

All the people are spiritual being. This is The Law of Soul. We human being isn't existence only for the simple body. We never are the empty existence that is the entire end if we die. We live in this physical world in the state that body and soul overlap each other. The soul is our essence, and the body is only something like vehicle which we borrow while we live in this world. Our soul who lived in the body with birth leaves the body with physical death again and continues living as the spiritual being forever. It is essential that we know and understand this truth to brighten the life truely. On the contrary, if we don't know this truth and deny it, we will send the life when there are many uneasiness and fear with a meaning to live for being uncertain. It becomes difficult to escape from three big pains that anyone will experience in the life. Three are to know a sense of fear for death, sorrow of the bereavement and your life to be unhappy.  

★ You don't have to be afraid of death

One of three pains in the life is a sense of fear for the death. Is there the experience that wasn't able to sleep to you at night while thinking that what will happen if oneself has died in the childhood? When my father died at the age of 4 years old, I (Mr.Ehara) thought whether death was to come to nothing, I haven't been able to sleep for one week either. There are a lot of patient of terminal cancer and HIV infected people having fear to death in a consultant visiting me. They go down in grief and regret the life until now, and there is the person falling into a confused state because of too much fear among them. On the other hand, there is person who is going to kill its own life to escape from a disease, sorrow and all pains of the life including the poverty. It is a thought that one comes to nothing by death to be common to both. But it is a big mistake. Because the human essence is a soul, it never occurs that we are dead and come to nothing. According to the story of the people of the spiritual world, that world (the spiritual world) is the true world, and the physical world which we live in is the temporary world. If that place is light, they say that this is a shadow. The life that we think to be long seems to be an instant thing it we look with the standard of the everlasting soul. That's why we don't need to be afraid of death. Because the human being throws off the body with death and returns to the hometown where got used to called the spiritual world as if a cicade leaves the cast-off shell and flies. The trip of the soul continues again from there.

★ The death isn't the everylasting parting

The second pains are sorrow of the bereavement. It is really sad to lose a beloved person. I think that we don't know the depth of the feeling of loss and the sorrow that lost the people who thought of being  close routinely such as a family or the friend suddenly if we don't really experience it. People with such a sorrow come to me for consultation well. People who regret that I should have done it like that and should have done it this way while thinking the late family for years forever. People who are at a loss about how I should live after this by having lost an important companion. There is the person thinking until following someone's example, and committing suicide by having brooded about it. However, these are sorrow to occur from the misunderstanding that the person has thought physical bereavement to be everlasting separation because the person has thought the death to be nothing, too. It is surely lonely that you can't meet the late family and friend. It is me who write this book in this way now, but I felt awfully lonely when I lost parents at the age of a child. But, please think in this way. Haven't you lived far away from a close friend and a family? Haven't you ever been in a long distance relationship with the beloved lover? Those things and the bereavement are similar things. One is in this world now by chance, and another is only in that world. It is only that one is in this world by chance now, and another is in that world. It never occurs that physical death separates the deep bond of a soul even if we leave the body because the human being is spiritual being who continues living forever. The strength of the bond of the soul isn't influenced by the presence or absence of the body. Present I don't have the sorrow like the time when I lost my parents. Rather I feel joy in the bond that isn't lost. The loved one whom you lost continues living forever and watches you after all. Therefore, please part with the sorrow. You understand The Law of Soul truly, and, please get away from the deep tunnel of the loneliness. Because it becomes the big joy for the dead person that you wipe tears and that you realize the bond with the dead person.

★ The life doesn't have the unhappiness

The third pains that we are apt to fall into in the life are to think the life to be unhappy. Please remember your everyday life. Do you think yourself to be happy now? Or will you feel unhappiness? Please think of the reason carefully in either case. Why are you happy? I'm happy because I get along well with a lover. I'm happy because my work is going well. I'm happy because my family is all in good health. I'm happy because I have money a lot. I'm happy because I live in the wonderful house. Why are you unhappy? I'm unhappy because I can't readily get a lover. I'm unhappy because I have anxiety when I can marry. I'm unhappy because the human relations of the workplace are hard. I'm unhappy because there isn't enough money. I'm unhappy because I have some troubles in health and a figure. These all is only happiness or misery that we judged from a carnal viewpoint, namely, a material viewpoint. The carnal happiness is only the temporary thing which doesn't know when anything collapses with instability. It is an end there if the body reaches death even if it continued throughout the life. The stuff to be able to bring in the hometown of the soul that we return after physical death has nothing. The thing that your soul can take to the spiritual world is only the experience that you gained in this world and the impression that you got from the experience, namely, various feelings. Only experience and impression polish and purify and improve our soul. Happiness judging from a spiritual viewpoint is to have been able to get how many impressions. Carnal unhappiness is only what is limited to while we live in this world. Carnal unhappiness is the trouble that produces to have been convinced that we are existence of the body only because we forget that human essence is spiritual being to live forever because our soul are confined in a husk called the body. You should be able to understand that it is a trial for even carnal unhappiness to improve your soul if you take a spiritual viewpoint. I can say to everybody from my own experience and the experience that had many consultations clearly. "The life doesn't have the unhappiness." The unhappiness that a human being thinks about is only the state that is in convenient for ourselves at that time. If we take a long view and if we look in a spiritual viewpoint, the state gives learning in the soul of the person and promotes growth. Furthermore, in fact, it is hardship for big happiness prepared for later to think to be unhappiness. There are so many such things. Please imagine how on earth the world turns out if a human being isn't spiritual being, and all becomes extinct with a physical end. Even if we repeat an effort and live hard so much, our effort is wasted. And it is expected that we should do only that our body feels joy before coming to nothing. Such life that we eat steadily and obtain money and a thing steadily and have sex steadily and we are greedy and want to meet an appetite, worldly desires, sexual desire, and meet it is happiness without minding the nuisances of the person. It is advantageous we thing about only our thing, and live. Because a thing in this world is limited, ourselves suffers a loss if we give a person it. Then it may be happiness that we take it away from a person and can get ourselves. It may be said that living is absolutely happy even if we murder another person even if we deceive another person even if we compete against another person even if we injure another person as much as we want to do the limited life. And it is expected that ourselves finish the life with being unhappy if it doesn't come true. Of course a person doing it to violating the law to murder a person, and steal a thing will be rare. Even if it is extreme, may it be said that the present example is a thing different at all for the reason that we remembered it some time ago that we think to be happy and a reason to think to be unhappy? Because we can't part with sense of values of such a material happiness, doesn't it get up that we are troubled when we repeat competition in the life, and the person is deceived and is envied and is injured? As the result, can't it be said that we fall into thought to be unhappiness? We shouldn't be felt with the happiness from the heart even if we realize the happiness that we pursued from the sense of values of such a wrong happiness because it is a thing which we take after the fight with the person. If people around us are unhappy even if we are happy, we shouldn't realize true happiness. This is because the beautiful part of the soul that is your essence doesn't accept it. We know that both most happiness of the life and unhappiness were the illusions that ourselves built up in a material viewpoint if we put ourselves in the spiritual viewpoint truly. Neither the thing nor the money nor the position nor even the present body is essential for the happiness that your soul really demands. What is the true happiness? Please read seven remaining laws while thinking about it. I'd like to write the answer in The Law of Improvement that is the last of eight laws.