2. Law of Class

★ The soul aims at purification and improvement

The spiritual world parts at the uncountable classes, and you will go to the class deserving a level of the growth of your soul after physical death. This is The Law of Class. If you understood that a human being is spiritual being and is in this world to do a temporary trip by The Law of Soul, question will comes out that why do we bother to do something like that, why are this world and the next world divided, what must we come and go between two for. The purification and improvement that all souls aim at has the key to answer. We have the body in now to be in the physical world, and each one comes to be separate, but, in the spiritual world, we are one unity nltimately. As for not only the human soul but also the soul of an animal and the plant and the soul (the natural soul) haven't had a figure in this world, the source of all souls is one. The center of the unity is Great Spirit namely God. God is the prime spiritual energy. All souls aim that they are unified sometime in this center that is God. However, the more the soul includes muddiness and cloudiness, the more distance with the center get away. Therefore our soul aim at that our soul cleans our own muddiness as much as possible to become the pure energy (purification) and can go to the state that is higher than now (improvement). The place that is most suitable to purify and improve our soul is this physical world. Therefore we come for a trip to this world many times while repeating physical death and rebirth. While our soul is in the spiritual world, our soul understands that we aim at the purification and improvement. However, we forget it as soon as I lived in the body of the physical world and will live in this world in the bare state of the true character that a soul has. And we taste various sufferings peculiar to a physical world while we taste joy and pleasure and learn love and experience the collision between human beings. These experience is never minus if it look in a spiritual viewpoint. Rather it is the mechanism which we are thankful for reminding the muddiness and cloudiness of our own soul. Important thing accepts such an experience positively and shake a soul in the impression of feelings. Because an impression has power to let our soul purify above all. In the life with many impressions, the soul greatly purifies and improves. On the contrary, we won't utilize time living in this world effectively if we sent the poor life of the experience and the life of few impressions without aim. It is the meaning which we were born in this world that we repeat much experience and impressions without being afraid of failure, and our soul becomes more transparent, and we return to the next world.

★ Physical age and age of the soul

All human being aim at the purification and improvement or the spiritual development as spiritual being in this way. The progress condition is called a state of mind and a state of the soul, but this varies by a person. In other wards, in this world, the person that the purification and improvement of the soul advanced is mixed with the person that these haven't yet advanced very much. I always express the state of the soul with the age of the soul clearly. The age of the soul is the degree that how much the soul piled up much experience and a deep impression so far in all previous life. This is different from the physical age called the normal age that we are born in this world, how many years passed. The more the person who piles up experience and a lot of impressions and purifies and improves, the more the age of the soul is high and the person is awakened to true love and has spiritual sense of values namely wisdom. The more a young person of the age of the soul, the more the person is bound by sense of values of the earthly materialism without enough learning still more. And it may be said that the state of the soul is almost relative to the personality. Between the age of the soul and the physical age, there are no relations. In this world, there is the child with the soul of adult, too, there is adult with the soul of the child, too. In human relations, it is very important to have this viewpoint. First of all, it disappears to be troubled why our mother-in-law is an obstinate person so much why guts are so bad though this person, judging from age, is the already excellent elderly. You should imagine a partner as a baby so that you aren't deceived by apparent age when you were angry. There isn't adult who it is swatted by a baby, and we are made fun by an infant, and gets angry. The person is young if there is the person who is angry about it. In addition, the viewpoint for a younger person changes by having this viewpoint. Unnecessary posture and fixed idea that your age is younger than me and that my age is older than you disappear by knowing the owner of the soul with the wisdom who gain experience very more than yourself in younger people. It can become very spiritually rich to learn from them by opening the heart. In parent-child relationship, it is understood that it is a mistake to think about a child our thing because it is our child and to think that this child says impertinent things for his age. In fact, there are the children everywhere that the age of the soul is older than their parents. There are parent and child of such relations everywhere.

★ To go to the higher state of the soul

The world after physical death is distinct "Discrimination World" consisting of uncountable classes as wrote firstly. Anyone does translation without exception at the class in accord with their state of mind at the time of death. Neither the position during the lifetime nor the honor nor the poverty and wealth matters really. After the physical death, it is important how much a soul shines and how pure a soul is. There is a person thinking that I go to heaven if I reach physical death in this world or integrate with God immediately, but, as for the truth, it isn't so easy. There is the person thinking simply about that I can go to heaven only if I pray to God and invoke to the Buddha every day, but it is impossible at all. Let's easily explain the route that a soul follows after the physical death. The human being casts a husk called the body with the physical death and shifts to a spiritual energy body called astral body. And our soul goes to "Astral-This World" which is in the middle of the spiritual world and "This World" where we live in. Generally in the Buddhism, it is said that our soul are in the world for 49 days after the physical death, but it means that it is in "Astral-This World" not remaining in this world. And then, our soul leaves for "Astral World." The inside of "The Astral World" divides uncountable classes. The more the state of the soul is higher, the more the soul goes to higher class. The more the state of the soul is lower, the more the soul goes to lower class. "Heaven" and "Hell" said well seem to often mean a high class of "The Astral World" and a low class. According to the story of the person who did near-death experience, a certain person testifies that the world after physical death was beautiful world so as not to be able to make it for the words that a flower garden opens, and the small bird sings. And another person says that it was the terrible world where darkness spreads endlessly. The reason why there is such difference is that the place where goes depending on the level of the soul of the person is defferent. The soul leaves this "Astral World" eventually and rises to "The Spiritual World". This process is called "The Second Death" because our soul throws off even "Astral Body" forming our soul's own figure then. Our soul returns in our soul's own "Group Soul" ("The Law of Group Soul", reference) when our soul goes to "The Spiritual World". Our soul blends with "Group Soul" of our soul's own and becomes the part. Our soul looks back on an insufficient part of leaning in "This World" and our soul confirms our soul's determination to learn once again and does "Rebirth" in many cases from there. Our soul repeats "Returning to Group Soul" and "Rebirth" in this way and leaves for "The God World" to fuse with energy of the great light, namely, "The Great Spirit" finally. Actually, the route of the soul after the physical death takes time as we lose consciousness although I explained it in this way. It cannot be possibly measured in the units of the time when we human being has.  

★ Abandoning "the fear to losing something"

After we finished our own life, it isn't flat even in a process toward the spiritual world either. A soul who died without believing in the spiritual world and a soul who can't accept their own physical death after physical death and a soul who strongly leave deep attachment in this world continues wandering in "Astral-This World" forever, not to mention "Astral World". These souls are "Non-Purification Souls" in the, so to speak, narrow meaning that transfer to the next world has been stagnated. I can find uncountable such souls if I do clairvoyance downtown. If I go to the station of the rush hour and do clairvoyance, I can find the soul of office worker waiting a train without still realizing their own physical death. If I go to the department store and do clairvoyance, I can find the soul of the housewife who walks around the sales floor and checks it to the price tag of the product. If I go to the spot of the traffic accident and do clairvoyance, I can find the soul of the state of drunkenness that walk unsteadily while thinking "what a dying suddenly at a such a place". If I go to the fire spot and do clairvoyance, I can find the soul running around in a panic state. These non-purification souls to be called "Residual Haunting or Restligeists" can't part with deep attachment to this world and tragic thought without accepting their own physical death. And, even if the soul realizes his or her physical death, there is the soul sticking to land and house during the lifetime and "I hand this land to nobody". There are the absentminded souls who are kept in their fixed idea "to be decided on the thing which goes to the grave if I die", and sit down in the grave alone. These people let their soul stay on this world by obstinate feelings. There is non-purification soul called "Wandering Ghost", too. This is the soul wandering in this world forever not to be able to part with feelings such as deep attachment to the thing which left in this world, regret, jealousy and hatred and "A lover is unforgettable", "I can't permit that I am dead, and only that person finds happiness", "I have a lot of what leave undone", "I worry about the family whom I left in this world very much". The cause staying their soul who should be able to go to the world of love and joy in "Astral-This World" is energy of their own negative heart. "The fear to losing something", so to speak, blocks the purification of the soul. Besides, it will be what unhappy because they can't realize that they tie themselves up by themselves either. This isn't a story limited to the soul. In fact, I can say the same thing to us who live. If we can't part with negative feelings such as the feelings to the thing which lost something, deep attachment, jealousy, regret and fear, it lets the growth of the soul stagnate. Just as if "Non-Purification Soul". Anyone has such a "The fear to losing something" for the human being living in this world more or less. And it is the common problem in this world that anyone must overcome. Please review now what you deeply attach to and what you are afraid of. And I want you to know the fact that we are ready to receive joy and happiness if we part with it.