3. Law of Group Soul

We are never alone. In the spiritual world, anyone has the family of the soul linked in a strong bond than the family in this world by all means. We have the group soul that is the family of the soul linked in a strong bond in each in the spiritual world namely the hometown of the soul. The group soul is made from lots of almost homogeneous souls. And the spiritual world is made from many group souls. This is The Law of Group Soul. The family in this world is a physical family for the family of the soul. Even if the family in this world is related by the blood physically, the souls are separate. When it is said separate souls gather, and why we form a family, this is because we learn each other while working hard together in friendly competition. That is why the most suitable people gather so that necessary learning learns for each soul each other, and one family is made up. The family in this world is a school of the souls in this sense. When we were still in the spiritual world before we were born, our soul blended in this group soul. And our soul intended to be rebirth for purification and improvement of the whole group soul once and we left there and were born in this world. When we improve a soul in this world and die eventually, we return to the group soul that is a hometown again. If I compare a glass of water to your group soul, your soul will be a drop of water. The water in the glass is muddy a little and intends to be in the water which is more transparent and pure (purification and improvement). In order to clean muddy water, your soul needs to be reborn in this world that is the material world and gain much experience and impressions and improve your soul. That is why you were sent out as a drop of water in this world from the glass. You try for the purification and improvement of the soul throughout the life in this world so that the muddiness of the drop of water becomes thin as possible. And you finish the life eventually and come back in the glass which is a hometown. If a drop of water becomes pure, the whole glass adds to transparency a little. However, we take an excessive amount of time so that the whole becomes transparent and must repeat this work. Far from becoming transparent, it becomes the drop of water muddy more and returns to the hometown, and there is the life delaying the purification and improvement of the group soul among them. The number of drops of water which can be reborn from one group soul in this world is usually only one. One group soul can't be rebirth plural drops of water in this world for the same period. The more your soul purifys and improves, the more frequency of the rebirth increases. In other words, it means that your soul reincarnates without pausing too much. And group soul sending two drops of water off comes out among them. This is said to be twin soul. While our soul repeats such a thing, the water of the glass becomes pure. The ultimate aim completely become the clear soul. When your group soul became so, your group soul is already Great Spirit (the best group soul) and one. All group souls aim at the state single-mindedly. Therefore your group soul pours you big love from the spiritual world and supports your growth hard. This is because your growth is necessary for growth of the whole your group soul. In fact, all your Guardian Spirits are part of your group soul, too. Your Guardian Spirits ever fell in this world from your group soul, too and sent the life as one human being. The reason why the Guardian Spirits watch you in particular eagerly, and instruct you patiently is because you are nothing but themselves for the Guadian Spirits. And Guardian Spirits themselves also learn from the spiritual world through experience to instruct you at the same time. A spirit of Masakiyo who is a Guardian Spirit of Hiroyuki Ehara explains a group soul in this way. The personality of your group soul is the same. However, he explains that the experience of each soul in your group soul is separate. In other words, as for the group soul, the personality is the same because the whole is something like yourself. And the personality that you have now doesn't change after physical death either. In other words, your personality is personality of your group soul. However, the experience that each part of the group soul has is different each. When I said in an example of the water in the glass, the drop of water (soul) which appeared from a glass (group soul) drop by drop was born as a human being of various countries and different gender in really so far various times and gained experience different at all. In other words, the each experience of former life is all different. Your experience living by the present times and the present country and the present name is irreplaceable one. Because those uncountable experience is contained in your group soul, a lot of wisdom arrived at from there will be jam-packed. In other words, your group soul is a treasure house of bright memory and wisdom. According to a spirit of Masakiyo, your body is dead, your soul goes to the spiritual world, and all such experience seems to revive like your own memory as soon as your soul blended in your group soul again. However, understandably, present you don't have the memory. You actually know it wherever of the soul when you say more exactly, but you can't draw the memory because you stay to the slow-witted material called the body. But, the one that was in such a state is better. Because you can live in daily experience with materials of fresh learning by a thing becoming in such a state. Your group soul is going to grant support to such you frequently. The communication to you from your group soul becomes easy, and you should come to be able to receive the benefit from the treasure house of wisdom through inspirations if you live with a wavelength (working hard to aim at the better personality) that is high in you. And there is a something important that I want you to know it about group soul one more. That means that the group soul that I explained so far is the group soul of the narrow sense. All souls are one group soul if they say in a wide meaning. Your group soul is a part of even bigger group soul. The big group soul also is a part of even bigger group soul. All souls are one group soul of the wide sense when they go it up in that way. That is why all our souls are Child of the Great Spirits, Child of Gods in the same way.