4. Law of Guard

Anyone has The Guardian Spirits who snuggles close to you and watches you. This is The Law of Guard. There are no people whom The Guardian Spitits isn’t behind in this world. When you are struggling in how hard trial in secret, the spiritual being of The Guardian Spirits watches you for great love. What The Guardian Spirits prays for is only to greatly bring up our soul, and to brighten it more. They lead us along an only purpose to make our learning in this world with many crops. The Guardian Spirits are severer than your parents in this world. They don't mind even that they give you a trial if it is good for your growth. The trial is a whip of love to lead to a meaning "If you love your child, send him out into the world". They are divided into four types roughly by a role. The first is The Central Guardian Spirits that is existence taking the central role that continues watching you after physical death before life on. They are also existence of the leader of other Guardian Spirits. And they don't hand over this role to other Guardian Spirits on the way. They continue taking this role till the last. For the strong bond, it is said that all the people live a life similar to one's Central Guardian Spirits. In many cases, a woman is accompanied by the soul of the woman as the Central Guardian spirit, and a man is accompanied by the soul of the man as the Central Guardian spirit. The ancestral spirit who died 700 years ago from 400 years seems to often work as the Central Guardian spirit when I look statistically. The Second is The Guide Spirit to guide your occupation, talent and hobby. For example, an artist is accompanied by the soul of artist, and the soul of doctor seems to be often behind a doctor. The Guide Spirit may not be ancestors unlike The Central Guardian Spirit and seems to happen quite often when it is the soul of foreigner. For example, an Indian soul is behind a teacher of the yoga. The Guide Spirit is replaced with other Guide Spirit appropriate to the level of your heart of the present unlike The Central Guardian Spirit. The third is The Control Spirit. They coordinate your destiny produced newly be your action in this world with your destiny that you and The Central Guardian Spirit decided in the spiritual world. They coordinate the encounter with a person and the event and land to live in newly and the direction that you should go ahead through in your life including the environment. They can know your future to the point for about a decade. You might think pase one's life to be a mere accidental accumulation, but there was really always a support of The Control Spirit. The fourth is The Helper Spirit. They help The Guardian Spirits of above three with their work and assist them. They aren't very old souls. Your family and close relative and close ancestors seem to often become The Helper Spirit. When the life is too full of a trouble and pains even if I know the existence of The Guardian Spirit, you may be in a feeling whether The Guardian Spirit will be really. But, it is The Law of Frequency to want you to remenber it here. the love of The Guardian Spirit doesn't touch your heart if you are a negative state of mind. Not only that, they fades away steadily. It is compared to a rain cloud and solar relations. When a rain cloud opens in the sky, the light doesn't arrive even if the sun shines brightly over there. What do you think the rain cloud spreading in your heart is? It is your complaint, jealousy and hatred. It is your heart that ignores your own faults about one's laziness and depends on a person and passes the buck. And it is the wicked spirit and the lower spirit who it is drawn to such a  low state of mind, and gathers. There negative energy blocks light of the love of The Guardian Spirit. On the contrary, your frequency becomes higher if you don't forget gentleness, consideration and thanks. If you become so, the thick rain cloud disappears, and the love of The Guardian Spirit will light you up like the sun shining brightly. And you can let your talent flower and can get a splendid insparation. And you can receive exquisite support when you faced difficulty. Besides, there is the fact that we must not forget. If your frequency becomes higher, it is that The Guide Spirit, The Control Spirit and The Helper Spirit except The Central Guardian Spirit are replaced with a soul with higher energy. If your frequency becomes lower, it is that The Guide Spirit, The Control Spirit and The Helper Spirit except The Central Guardian Spirit are replaced with a soul with lower energy. For example, even the person whom there isn't of the talent can call in The High-Quality Guide Spirit if you work hard with the spirit of self-advancement faithfully humbly without always sparing yourself by work. And you can increase your ability rapidly. On the contrary, if you become arrorant and grow arrogant, your frequency decreases remarkably, and The Guide Spirit that you have now may leave you. The Guide Spirit whom you accompanied by instead is a soul under one step appropriate to your frequency that became low. Your ability declined, and it wasn't able to enable it so far. It isn't the responsibility of The Guardian Spirits even if it became in this way. It's up to the frequency of your own whether you can accept the higher guidance.