5. Law of Destiny

★ The destiny is different from the fate

There is the word destiny. My life should be already selected as the world, and there are fatalists who attribute everything to the fate. Even TV and magazine tell that fotune-tellers are selected as for your life. But, your destiny is never determined by one. The Law of Frequency and The Law of Cause and Effect can say in the same way, too, but the passage of your life is created by yourself. This is The Law of Destiny. There is no reason why you are born in this world if your destiy has been already decided. This is because you don't have to be troubled with the need that makes an effort because you should merely live in life as it was decided lazily. but the life isn't like that. It is the life that you dicide by your free will and is the joy of living. It is nothing but the reality that you created now to be up to you. And it is all your free will to create the future lives. You always raise frequency and should  do a lot of good deed if you want to find happiness. Responsibility is based on yourself, and anyone has freedom to make the happy life. But there is the thing which you can't change in the life. It is factor that was decided since before you were born. In other words, it is fate. For example, it is that you were born as a woman or a man. The fact can't change. Constitution and the figure that you have by nature are fate. Futhermore, it is also fate that your having been born to your family, your country and the times called now. There may be a person thinking that after all the most of the life may be decided by the thing which isn't free will if I write it in this way. However, I think in this way from the situation of the spiritualism. Even fate is what you decided before being born. Not only the soul of your own but also your Group Soul decided it. Seeing from a situation of the spiritualism, it may be said that the environment where you can live easily is environment without learning anything for you. If you choose the environment that neither the hardship nor the friction can experience and are born, the life comes to have little learning. The reason why you were born is that you improve your soul. This is because it brought your Group Soul close to The Great Spirit even a little by your learning most in this world, and being impressed, and letting you purify your soul and improve it. To that end, the environment that can polish the part which became muddy of your soul thoroughly must be chosen as setting of the lives. That's why the thing which you chose is your sex, constitution, nationality, the times and a family. These are something like training machine training a part having weak your muscle. You decided to challenge this training machine by oneself. To get true happiness, eternal happiness.

★ Living while accepting a fate

Then how should we think about the relations between fate that have by nature and destiny that create in the real life. When I explain it well, I compare it to the relations between the sponge of the cake and the decorations of the cake. The sponge means fate. The decorations mean destiny. On the sponge which has been already fixed, we make the decorations freely. This is the life. When you think about the decorations, you must warn the idea that you want to make it one similar to all, or want to make it one being felt jealous of in all even a little. There should be certainly the original decorations which are most suitable for your sponge. Therefore you get characteristics of your sponge well, and it is important to come up with the decorations suitable for it. If you did the decorations which thought of sense of values except you in a standard, the unstable cake that can't get balance is completed. The life is the same as this, too. It becomes the first step you understand and accept one's fate if you intended to live in the best life in decided fate. And you can make the happy life if you make use of the characteristic. The time of the life is only over idly if you grumbled that it was good if my sponge is the sponge of that person or I can never find happiness with such a sponge. "I will make this sponge the best cake!" The more you were able to decide it while it is early, the more you can spend the fulfilling life. The relations of fate and destiny can compare it to school life. The uniform, school regulations, curriculum of the class which has been alread fixed at school are fate. And it is destiny how you spend your time in the school. Please remember classmates of junior high school days and high school days. I think that how to spend varied even if we go to the same school. It is the same as this in the school called the life and you study hard and can get good results and can try club activities hard and you make a lot of friends and can bring up the friendship. Though it is the school where you expect it by oneself and entered, you can spend it while only complaint says and can play truant every day because you aren't interested. It is up to entirely each person's free will what kind of experience you have, and how long you spend it meaningfully in the school (fate). The life is the same as this, too. Your life born with decided fate has uncountable how to spend. It is all up to you what kind of life you walk from today to a day to leave this world.