6. Law of Frequency

★ The energy that thought has, namely "Sounen" decides an encounter.

The state of one's heart decides a person and the event that you come across. This is The Law of Frequency. All thought that human being has in a heart produces the spiritual energy called "Sounen". And there is the word "Birds of a feather floch together" from old days, but the people who had the frequency of the Sounen of the same level draw it each other. Please remember people gathering around present you. What kind of people will there be in your everyday life? It may be said that you have forward and high energy if they full of love and gentleness and if it is people with a forward and obedient heart. Conversely, yourself will have negative energy if you are surrounded by people with hatred, jealousy and a heart of the looking down upon. "There isn't a good person around me." "Why do disgusting guys gather only in my place." "I who am not blessed with human relations am unhappy." Even in people saying such a thing, the cause is themselves. Own frequency decides an event to experience in daily life. "There isn't a good thing recently." "Why does only a so unpleasant thing follow me?" It seems to be necessary for the person thinking in this way to reflect whether one's frequency doesn't lower. The Law of Frequency totally shows the state of own heart like a mirror, but there is no need to be afraid. Because if you have a heart of thanks, joy, consideration and the gentleness, your frequency increases and similarly a person an an event with high energy respond to it by all means and gather. One of what you can arrive at from this law is that separation with the lovers isn't a sad thing. Isn't there the experience that you didn't get along well with a lover considerably crazy about it, and a very close friend didn't get along well with you? This is because a difference came out between the frequency of two. It is a very natural flow, and this is inebitable. You change your heart and should go to the new encounter without deeply attaching to the relations forever. You must neglect neither the energy that thought has nor the energy that wards have, namely "Kotodama". The wards pronounced as a sound become the energy by all means and call a person and an event with similar energy togather. "Anyway I can't do it." Please stop nagative favorite phrase like that even right now. "Because I am a useless human being." must be careful, too. You become a really useless human being even if you say with modesty when you continue saying. The power of "Kotodama" is such strong.

★ Be careful with the possession of the lower spirit

We human being who lives while radiating spiritual radio waves is something like radio if I compare it. The things which are audible where you tune it up are different. If you tune up your heart to high frequency, information necessary for you and story that your feeling feels at ease jumps into your ear. When you tune it up to low frequency, only a noise making unpleasant rumor and you feel uneasy becomes available. And the spiritual radio wave which a human being gives to the spirit who doesn't have the body in this world affects. If you radiate the radio wave of the low frequency, you will go along with the lower spirit called the wicked spirit and non-purification spirit. It becomes the possession spirit and possesses you and adversely affects your life and health in some cases. For example, let's suppose that we have been possessed by a bad spirit when we went to a graveyard, the scene of the accident and the place with the fate. Since then, it gets up a shoulder is heavy, or a bad things is piled up all the time and gets up, or to have hurt health. Such a possession phenomenon is talked about as the thing which the side of the spirit has bad in many cases and is afraid. But also the phenomenon like this is the result that The Law of Frequency worked. Because the possessed human being radiated the frequency of the same level, you must think that you had a problem with your low frequency. To me, namely Mr.Ehara, there is considerably the consultant coming by the problem of the possession spirit. "Please get rid of this spirit from me right now!" There is the person talking with me for the feeling that seemed to be totally damaged. But when I clairvoyance the person, all possessed spirits say in this way. "I have been called together by this person." The young woman who visited a long time ago was so. She considerably worsens physical condition, and she says that the doctor doesn't understand a cause either. The face was deep blue and was the look that totally rose out of the bottom of the hell. She wasn't able to stand if she didn't have an attendant support her arm. She weakened like that. I wasn't able to hide surprise. Not for her figure like the disabled person. This is because the figure of a different woman floated clearly as if being piled up behind her. The possession spirit was the spirit of a young woman who committed suicide by throwing oneself in the sea three years ago. As for what the spirit talked about to me, she was left in an end of the love by a boyfriend and committed suicide. The cause that she was left by a lover was because she became pregnant. I asked the spirit why you did possession to the woman. The spirit said, "This was because she went down in sorrow by exactly the same circumstances to me. I thought that this woman understood my feeling." When I told straight fact to the woman of the consultant, she admitted that it was true definitely. She was disappointed in love and was pregnant with the child of the man who parted in a stomach and felt hopeless. And she stood still while she wanted to commit suicide on the same cape where the possession spirit drowned herself. She finished it without any trouble on the spot because the friend whom there was together stopped that she committed suicide, but she came to be attacked afterward by various symptoms. And she came to be troubled by a symptom similar to having right drowned herself that her throat swelled up, and the food didn't go after all and her stomach swelled like a balloon and ached. I purified the possession spirit and persuaded the meaning of living to the woman of the consultant and encouraged her to live with hope. Then she chaged to a bright and healthy woman in a moment so as to know it clearly even if anyone watched her. It was such a wonderful change so as to think whether this woman was a beautiful woman so. The place where suicide occurs frequently in is in Japan for some reason. If a person troubled with lost love goes to visit such a place, spirits who committed suicide in the trouble of lost love go along and gather. If a person troubled with a mony trouble goes, spirits who committed suicide in the trouble of money are called together and frustrate the person one after another. The spirits of suicide remain at the dead spot, and why will they do something like this? This is because they can't understand that they died. This is because they misunderstand that oneself haven't been able to yet die. Many suicides believe that all is over if they die and die. However, the existence of the soul doesn't disappear after physical death so as to understand it from The Law of Soul because the human being is spiritual being. The spirit who committed suicide suffers from existence called oneself not disappearing forever. And they are convinced that they commit suicide properly once again and do possession to the person of the same frequency and they bollow the body and are going to commit suicide once again. Of course none of the people who went to such a place receives possession. If you keep a high frequency, it is absolutely all right. Because the friend whom there was with her stopped it so as to understand from a former example far from wanting to commit suicide so that rather she didn't commit suicide. You read to here, and you may think that I'm not spiritual constitution, and possession doesn't matter. However, in fact, possession happens for anyone frequently so as to be unexpected. You usually hardly realize, but it may be said that it is a daily occurrence if you include it to extremely small possession. It isn't any special thing, the possession is an aspect of The Law of Frequency merely. It isn't only the possession by the spirit not to have the body. The Sounen and soul of the living person, namely the spirit of the living person do possession, too. "Ushinokoku Mairi", namely the nightly imprecation before a shrine talked about by ghost stories from old days is black magic using the energy of the spirit of a living person. These are extremely fearful examples, but the though for the person often has an influence on the partner consiously and unconsiously.

★ To cut off a chain of the possession

For a person possessed by the lower possession spirit, I (Mr.Ehara) can perform purifying the spirit as a psychic mediums. But I don't think that this brings basic solution. This only removes possession at one time; I, so to speak, think that is only a symptomatic treatment. The spirits who did possession leaves the body of the person by my persuading them carefully. But the person invites the spirit of the same level and is done possession again if the state of the heart of the person doesn't still change because it is a frequency of the person to have caused the possession. It is possible for only the person to cut off a chain of the possession after all. If even the frequency of the heart of the person increases, the possession spirit leaves it naturally even if the person isn't supported by psychic mediums. It isn't that it is unusual that the possession spirits watch the figure which the human being whom they possessed changed to live positively and are taught "It is reasonable indeed." and can purify themselves. The scary talk might continue for the person who wasn't good at a spiritual talk. But possession isn't only a terrible thing. It is often that the human being receives a benefit in the possession by the spirit with a high frequency. Most of people with superior talent and skill are given creative energy from the spirit and work. An spirit of a living person isn't only a negative thing. The energy such as the thought that the parent worries about a child and the love to yearn for the remote person distantly is a spirit of a living person. Even if the person doesn't realize that a remembering side is protected by the energy and is helped, and a critical situation is come through, it happens quite often every day. All is up to your own frequency. You must be aware that you radiate the important energy called the frequency. Please always try to keep your frequency high.