7. Law of Cause and Effect

★ All acts that is thought, words and action become the karma.

It is said to be it frequently in Japan that what I did comes back to myself sometime. "As a man sowed, so shall he reap." there are such words, too. The Law of Cause and Effect right means this thing. This is The Law of Cause and Effect. The cause and effect are causes and effects literally. The karma means this. Besides, the karma means all acts that is thought, words and action, too. It is The Law of Cause and Effect that all of existing situation is the result of past one's way (cause). Neither miracle nor chance exists in this world. All events are necessity based on providence of nature called The Law of Cause and Effect. The cause isn't only "action". Even "words" that you speak and "thought" that you held in your heart are the cause. Because all acts radiate spiritual energy, it comes back with some kind of results to you sometime. The accuracy that this law works exceeds far a super computer. There are many people with a terrible image about cause and effect and the karma. But they aren't scary at all if this knows that it is up to your own self-responsibility as well as The Law of Frequency. If you acquire the plus karma such as love, consideration and the effort, plus karma comes back to you by all means. Because this law guarantees it, we are rather thankful. It isn't so-called divine punishment even if minus karma came back to you. The spiritual law doesn't have divine punishment. The seed which oneself sowed just come back to you. It is very plain providence. You may think that The Law of Cause and Effect is a really mechanical law, but this is a law full of love really. Because we can realize our own fault and immature part by all means by this law acting and can improve it. You may feel it with serious experience then. However, therefore you can become yourself who never does the same mistake. In this way, all spiritual laws work so that our soul grows up more.

★ The karma is polishing sand of human relations

In the learning in this world, it may be said that there are few things which can be accomplished with one of you. If fellow creature lives together and sometimes collides and impresses you, the human being can polish each other's souls. You can't get the true happiness in only one. It may be said that human relations are right polishing sand giving brightness in a soul. The Law of Cause and Effect can teach how there should be the relations with you and others. If you give a person love and consideration through thought and words and action, they come back to same quantity you by all means. On the contrary, if you give a person thought such as hatred or the jealousy, they return the same quantity to you and come. What will happen if you attribute the cause of your trouble to another person without knowing this law and bear hatred? Though the negative energy that you radiated only returned to you, you will radiate newer negative energy. Unless you realize your own fault; the pains double triple, and you may be going to suffer by the seed that yourself sowed forever. On the contrary, if you always radiate affirmative energy; it double triple, and come back to you. This is very reassuring providence. This is because it guarantees that there isn't an effort not to be rewarded and a honest person feels like a fool absolutely.

★ A house and the country have karma

By the way, cause and effect namely karma has the important side one more. The karma works not only each human being but also a house, a company and a country, bisides, the earth. In other words a house has the karma of the family line, and the company has the karma of the company, and the karma of the country and the karma of the earth exist on the country and the earth. Since all souls are essenially one, the karma isn't unrelated mutually. All of us are a group soul in a broad sense as wrote by The Law of Group Soul. "Though I can realize that my own action and thought control my own life, but the country and the earth don't click with me. Because I don't such big power," please don't think in this way. Your karma becomes the karma of the country where you live in and, besides, becomes the karma of the earth. And the karma of the earth becomes the karma of each country and the karma of each human being. We who live in Japan assume the karma of the country called Japan. The worsening of the current global environment, depression of the economy and society uneasiness is the Japanese karma that came out to the surface by a charge acount so far. It is the problem that we must learn together. We must think about what kind of problem together without shifting the responsibility because we are the family that we share the karma of the very large-scale country and assume. For example, there is a problem that it has few jobs with present Japan. There will be many people not to succeed in job hunting even if one acquires an effort with excellence so much. You may think that it is unfair not to make it though you acquire the plus karma called effort. But this is the karma of Japan, too. And we chose this time of the country called Japan and have been given birth as wrote by The Law of Destiny. Even if we think about only the problem of the employment anxiety, it is the problem that each us must think about. In the case of the contrary, please think. Without happiness of the earth, will there be the happiness of Japan? Without happiness of Japan, will there be the personal happiness? If we achieve the karma of the earth and the karma of Japan, there should be our happiness. We must live while feeling it as our own pain as our own responsibility for a disaster happening in some far-off country and a global environment being destroyed.