8. Law of Happiness

★ All spiritual Laws lead us to the true happiness

I will look back on eight laws so far. You are the spiritual being that you continue living for forever (The Law of Soul) and aim at the purification and improvement earnestly to improve a soul, and bring it close to The Great Spirit as much as possible (The Law of Class). Therefore you are born in this world and learn most through the thing which your own frequency and karma drew (The Law of Frequency, The Law of Cause and Effect). It is more important at first you accept fate of your own, and to know the mechnism of destiny to learn most (The Law of Destiny). The trip of the life always comes together with hardship, but you are wrapped in the love of The Guardian Spirit and The Group Soul of your own at any time (The Law of Guardian Spirit, The Law of Group Soul). These laws don't exist independently individually and are connected with each other harmoniously and work while acting mutually. Even if one of these is missing, we can't talk about the spiritual truth. And the spiritual laws work exactly without, besides, one oversight on a big scale as our imagination doesn't extend spatially temporally. On earth what is it for that such large-scale laws act? This is because all souls become one with The Great Spirit namely God as it already reads to here knows it for you. To put this simply at a personal level, the spiritual laws work so that we get true happiness. This is The Law of Improvement. Generally, happiness thought about is happiness to think about in a viewpoint of this world, it is often found to be based on material sense of values. However, the happiness judging from a spiritual viewpoint is different. Cleaning the muddiness of your own soul while sometimes encountering hardship, and overcoming a trial, and learning love. It is the true happiness of the soul and is the only way approaching God. There may be a person thinking that I don't wish it gets closer to The Great Spirit particularly when I write it in this way. You may wish finding a wonderful lover right now than it and it becomes rich luckily as happiness. You may feel The Law of Frequency and The Law of Cause and Effect only severe. While you can't understand the spiritual truth well, it will be excusable to some extent. Then let's think about reverse. For example, please imagine the world where The Law of Cause and Effect doesn't work. You don't receive revenge even if you let a person have a hard experience even if you do a bad thing so much and may not be remind of something oneself has done by what oneself has a similar experience. Because you don't realize your fault forever, you spend life while continuing troubling a person. Seemingly you may think that it is happy. You may think to be the comfortable lives that can satisfy desire as much as a person want to satisfy. But this is a state given up by The Great Spirit. You become like a snowman of negative energy according to The Law of Frequency with having had crooked character with having committed a crime. Non-purification spirit and wicked spirit gather together, too, and messages of the light of The Guardian spirit and God don't arrive at all. It spreads to the neighborhood, and human beings of this world come to continue being corrupted. Don't you think that it is happy at all we can realize one's how small mistake because there is The Law of Cause and Effect compared to a state of such a hell? Because you are given a chance of the recovery by all means until the mistake is changed even if we are going to escape so much, don'y you think that it is thankful at all? The Law of Cause and Effect is a law promising improvement and is a law promising happiness. This law is the law that we are thankful for guaranteeing that we continue being angels even if we are dropouts, and we are unified with God by all means absolutely finally.

★ The life to give is the happy life

I think that a viewpoint for another person changes when you think in a spiritual viewpoint. At The Law of Class and The Law of Group Soul, I wrote that all another person was parts of The Great Spirit same as you. All the spirits are connected in the spiritual world, but come to be separate because the parts lives in a material called the body in this world. This is because we can improve each other because we are separate existence. This is because we can improve together through friendly rivalry while clashing and injuring. Because another person in the physical world is the friend who aims at The Great Spirit if we think spiritually, we encounter each other to improve our soul together and help each other's growth. Uncountable many people help you before you understand love and meet true happiness. There will be the person who can teach love directly by loving you. On the contrary, you will meet the person who can teach you importance of the love by hating you. The person hating you is the person who can teach you sorrow and the pains of hatred. Because you got a chance to know the splendor of the love from hated experience, you must never return hatred to the person. The person assumes the minus karma that hated you though the person taught you an important thing. The soul of the person suffers so that you know the love. You must know this fact. Anyway, let's always give people around you love and consideration by learning spiritual truth. It is important that at first you give the people around you a feeling of the love and service not negative attitude that you did somebody something because you had somebody do something. If you want love, you need to become a person given love from oneself proactively. If you want happiness, you need to become a person given happiness than anyone else earlier. Of course there must not be the feeling of the calculation there. The love only for calculations that these love must come back because I gave these love isn't genuine. The calculation is negative energy.

★ Please have the awareness as The Group Soul in a wide meaning now!

The human thought is strong. Some kind of influence occurs by all means even if you alone radiate a wave of the hatred. If it tentatively was just radiated by 100 people, the unit such as 1,000 at this moment, what will happen? It becomes the big energy of hatred and it becomes the visible form and realizes it. Furthermore, even the lower spirit responds to it according to The Law of Frequency. Unfortunately it can be said that the result is phantom killer murder, a riot, war, natural destruction to thrive in the present world. The face of the earth is right becoming the home of the lower spirits now. Don't you think that everyone raise their own frequency as soon as possible and must sow a good seed when you watch present Japan and the world situation? The entire human is The Group Soul in a wide meaning as wrote by The Law of Group Soul. What we take on any situation as our own thing and think about it and improve it together is required to us now. We must not be indifferent for both the war of the far-off country and the case that happened somewhere of Japan. I can say a similar thing to a familiar social phenomenon. We can't say that the problem of the neighboring house and the trouble of the friend have nothing to do with ourselves. Originally all existence is a bundle of The Group Soul in a wide meaning and are friends improving for God together. If everyone can get this one only wisdom, we can save the world so much, or we can't do even imagination. It is right necessary to be aware that each us is a savior well now.