Eight  Laws  of  Spiritual  Truth
1. The Law of Soul

Every person has a soul as well as a body.

In other words, it is also a spiritual being.

The soul lives forever even after losing the body.

This is the law of soul.

2. The Law of Hierarchy

There are many levels in the spirit world.

After the arrival of physical death,

the soul goes to a hierarchy suitable

for the person's personality and spirituality.

This is the law of hierarchy.

3. The Law of Group Soul

In the spirit world,

every person has a large family, Group Soul,

who is very similar to him or her.

This is the law of Group Soul

4. The Law of Protection

Every person has a guardian spirit

who can guide him or her.

This is the law of protection.

5. The Law of Wavelength

The feelings of one's own heart become thoughts

and attract people and things to meet.

This is the law of wavelength.

6. The Law of Causality

All of the current situations are the result of

what I have done so far.

This is the law of causality.

7. The Law of Destiny

Your own life is what you create.

Life is not fixed from the beginning.

This is the law of Destiny.

8. The Law of Happiness

These seven spiritual laws work for us

to obtain true happiness.

This is the law of happiness.

True happiness is integration with God, Great Spirit.

All souls are working to improve purification

with the aim of becoming one with the Great Spirit.


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