Prophecy of super huge tsunami / Ryo Tatsuki

Date: 5 July 2025

Epicenter: Philippine sea

Wave hight: 394 feet (max)

Damaged areas: Countries on the Pacific coast

A super huge tsunami (5 July 2025) has been predicted by Ryo Tatsuki who is a prophetic dreamer and ex_manga artist.

She prodicted and hit the tsunami in Japan on March 11, 2011.

She has written in her book "Future that I saw" that countries on the Pacific coast will be severely so disastrous damaged.

While she has written that if you are well prepared for this one, many people will be saved.

Since she has a previous track record, the prophecy may be correct again.

I'm going to be careful.

Please be careful as well.

If you don't mind, please share this prophecy with your friends and family.

May this prophecy reach all peole.

May all things be saved from this tsunami.

May Great Spirit, gods all over the world, guardian spirit, all people and all things guide, defend and help each other.